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Dead Estate

Action roguelike, horror themed, top-down shooter.

Out on PC NOW   
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Strategic roguelike deckbuilder, with chess-like combat.

In Early Access NOW   
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WizardChess PRESSKIT

Magenta Horizon

Fast-paced, 2D action platformer, spectacle fighter.

In Early Access NOW 
Magenta Horizon PRESSKIT

Repella Fella

A post-apocalyptic, point & click choose your own adventure set in a futuristic Australia.

Out on PC NOW   
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Repella Fella PRESSKIT

Paper Planet

A roguelike base defense bullet hell with crazy item synergies, made for 1-4 players.

Out on PC NOW 
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Paper Planet PRESSKIT

Picayune Dreams

A sci-fi roguelike bullet heaven, meets bullet hell.

Coming Q4 2023
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Picayune Dreams PRESSKIT


DEEP action roguelike RPG with leveling, gods, customizable guns, and frequency-switching bullet hell madness!

Coming Q4 2023

Fancy Pants:
Classic Pack

The ultimate Flash platformer. compiled and rebuilt with added features, details and polish!

Release TBD
FPA: Classic Pack PRESSKIT

Beloved Rapture

Blending old school JRPG familiarity with modern game design and themes.

Coming 2023
Beloved Rapture PRESSKIT

Play Rough

RPG set in a post-apocalyptic California. Every encounter is unique, and your choices matter!

Coming 2024

Clown Meat

A high-speed platforming adventure, unlike any you've seen before.

Targeting Q2 2024

Tower of Kalemonvo

A throwback hack n slash RPG, with a slower pace of combat, and a brutal difficulty.

Targeting Q3 2024
Tower of Kalemonvo PRESSKIT

They Speak From The Abyss

Psychological horror, homage to classic dungeon crawling RPGs.

Coming 2024
Play the Prequel (Zenith)

Alice is Dead: Hearts and Diamonds

The classic point & click, Flash mystery is being completely remade by it's original creators.

Release TBD
Alice is Dead HD PRESSKIT

The Doorway Effect

1-4 player online co-op, psychological horror roguelike in a labyrinth of randomly generated nightmares.

Release TBD
The Doorway Effect PRESSKIT

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