Dead Estate
Dead Estate is an action roguelike, top-down shooter, horror themed game, and the first to be published by 2 Left Thumbs.
Out on PC NOW   
Alice is Dead: Hearts & Diamonds
This is a complete REMAKE (not just remaster) of the classic Flash game trilogy, Alice is Dead, being made by it's original creators.
Hearts and Diamonds includes all new art, added puzzles, expanded lore, and plenty of secrets for old and new fans alike.
WISHLIST on Steam 
Repella Fella
Set in a future, post-apocalyptic Australia, Repella Fella tells the story of several characters as they work to change their position in the world. Shoot, stab, lie or maim your way through each problem as it presents itself.
A spiritual successor to the hit Flash series, "Ray".
The Fancy Pants Adventures: Classic Pack
A collection of the classic Fancy Pants Flash game adventures.
Bringing together the Flash classics: FPA World 1 (including the Remaster +  Remix), World 2, World 3, and Fancy Snowboarding.

This project is currently on hiatus, but we remain committed to bringing this game to you as soon as we are able!

2 Left Thumbs is committed to bringing stylish, engaging, creative, and (above all else) FUN games to a larger market!